Many overseas companies believe that posting on an online website like Amazon and Ebay can instantly sell their products. The reality is that your product will NOT reach any potential customers by just simply posting to an ecommerce store. It like opening a store but you never advertise it. You may get one customer that walk past by to check but that doesn’t mean they will buy from you. We understand that most manufactures or retailers does not know the concept of SEO especially companies that are overseas. The traditional way there, is word of mouth but here in the US that can only get you to a short distance.

Every company especially those who are trying to sell product online, must create an online presence. Think of buying a virtual real estate or space on the web and letting people know who you are. That is basically what SEO does. You need to establish your product to the world and let them see it. You need to show that your product is worth and have value for customer to buy it.

Most product online will not be visible by potential customers due to a variety of reasons. The first reason is no online dominance presence. Many people believe that their product will reach the first page on ebay or amazon but that is far from the truth. Influencers tend to promote that Amazon, Ebay, Shopify can make you millions just by posting your product but there is so much more than that. Most of those products on the first page pay hundreds of dollars to amazon and ebay to help them push to the top 3 page but even that alone does not guarantee sales. The second reason is how can you make your product different than the other thousands of products that are the same like you. How can you create and let people see your product more than the other products that is being sold right beside you?

We will show you how top sellers continue to be the top. Most products that sold very well have a few things in common.

We are going to break down and show you:


  1. They have their own site or pages that SEO very well for people to know them. They are known not only on Amazon, Ebay etc.. they are known on google just by typing the product name. They have a ranking presence to google which help people see their product more. Their websites is visible to anyone that type in their name which they can link their product to amazon and ebay easier than you.
  2. They have many good reviews to verify that they are a trustworthy seller which allow amazon and eBay algorithm to help push their product to the first page. This mean creating a trust for months or even years to get establis
  3. They have enough cash flow to help push their product through to the first page and have a good following of customers to keep purchase their product which help make their product stay relevant to other online shopper.

Now imagine if you don’t have any of the 3 common templates that these best sellers have. If you have not done any of these 3 or at least one of them, NO one will see your products. These things takes time and can take months or years to get a single customer to start looking at your products. It is hard work and is not easy to come by.

SEO is extremely important and a must use tool to help push your product into the public eyes. There are many SEO companies that help push your product but many do not understand ecommerce.  Many do not understand how to promote your product to customers worldwide.They are just an average SEO company. American buying service, however understand and have years of experiences in helping ecommerce clients achieve their goal in selling online and getting their product to be first page on google, Amazon, Ebay, etc..  everywhere on the web. We take the hard work away from you. You don’t have to do anything but just sit back and monitor your products. We simply help your sites and product reach further and sell better. We help SEO your sites so it can rank up with google algorithm faster and organically. The reason organic is good because googles will understand and push you to first page if they see people coming in to your site are real people. Real potential customers. Not bot or spam. American Buying Service can also help push your product worldwide with our expert dedicated SEO team. If you don’t have a website we can help you build one and SEO it to reach customers all around the world.

Don’t waste time trying to sell your product to Amazon or Ebay just by posting them. We have test this for many years and it doesn’t work. Let us do the hard work for you so you can grow. Let us show you that your product can reach to thousands of buyers. Let us help your product be seen throughout the web. Contact us for more information and we will be glad to help you grow.

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