We have increased our warehouse space from 200,000 square feet to over 1 million square feet at our new fulfillment center. We can help distribute your products to customers nationwide with the most advanced software and hardware. We ship out more than 200,000 – 300,000 packages each day. We charge you the most reasonable rates in the industry because we want you to make as much profit as possible, so we can grow together with you. Why pay administrative costs, rent, employees, etc. when we can do it all for you with minimal upfront costs. Overseas online retailers can even have their own call center with customer service that knows your product and can answer the phone on behalf of your company name. Customers will think that your company is set up in the United States, which can help increase their confidence in your company. For example: You ship a 40-foot container to us, loaded with more than 30,000 pieces. That may cost you $5,000 per container. Say one box of good weight 1 kg. If you ship one piece of goods from Thailand to the U.S. by FEDEX or by other Air carrier  with a diminsion of 4  x 4 inches at  Kgs per box  it will cost you $60/kg or 1,800 Thai Baht. If you multiply $60 by 30,000 pieces then you will pay more than $1,800,000 or 54,000,000 Thai Baht in shipping costs. If you ship by 40 ft container with 30,000 unit it will cost you less than .16 cents/piece. Once the goods are in our warehouse, we can ship to your customers within a week rather than a month. Customers will have more trust and will buy your products with confidence if goods are stocked in the U.S. Why wait on this limited offer? Now you will have more leverage to compete and make more profit. Let us be your partner to help you succeed in your business.