Member Benefit

As a member you will receive consultation and 10% discount on many of our service

  1. You will receive a consultant on how to build your brand and sell to the U.S market
  2. You will receive deep knowledge how to analysts American market
  3. You will get a free consultant on how to start your business
  4. You will get a consultant on how to get access to finance in the U.S. as a startup company
  5. You will receive full knowledge about FDA, USDA
  6. You will get discount on using our fulfillment center in the U.S
  7. We offer Digital marketing services
  8. We give consultant on freight forwarder and customs duty
  9. Consultant on how to import goods in to the U.S.
  10. We give consultant on consolidated shipment and fulfillment
  11. We offer call center service to our member
  12. We offer web hosting to our member for low price
  13. We give consultant on formulation and development services.