Home Décor & Furniture

We have specialized in home decor and furniture for more than 20 years. We work with thousands of retailers nationwide.  We have helped exporters sell to major chain stores at a value of more than $230 million in the past year. Our relationship with those buyers helps us to become very important to them. We work together to help both buyers and sellers achieve their success. We know which buyers will need your product and are willing to pay for your product. We evaluate and make sure that each factory meets industry requirements and buyers are financially strong. We will monitor your order transaction before and during the transit.

If you are a manufacturer and have a very nicely designed product in home decor and want to launch your new brand in the U.S., we can help you promote your new design and get your brand promoted to the world. We will work with major department store buyers to get your product placed in their store. Let us be your future partner.