About Us

The company was established in 1989 under JSJ Enterprise Co., Ltd (Susi Dee) in Los Angeles, California, and Point Image (Thailand) Co, Ltd. in 1992. Later in 2004 the company add new affiliate company as American Buying Service (ABS) and expanded its office to Los Angeles, California. Later the company incorporated all the business into a holding company under Point Image Inc. and then later change to Mstar Inc. The company started business as a buying office and procurement services that offered buying and sourcing services to companies such as Nordstrom, Macy’s, Hudson’s Bay, Polo Ralph Lauren, K & R Sportswear, Cradle Tog, Baby Tog, Warner Bros., Little Me, Carter, Disney, and more. American Buying Service employs more than 200 employees worldwide to help service customers globally. In 2010, the company expanded its service line into online marketing, formulation and packaging, fulfillment center, and logistics services to help overseas online retailers save on freight costs and be able to complete their online business in the U.S.

The company sees the trend of brick-and-mortar stores fading and is showing rapid growth in online business. The company has come up with a strategy to help factories save on shipping costs and be able to compete with U.S. importers in price and with better service. Overseas factories are able to sell directly to consumers and bypass middlemen.

American Buying Service can help companies that want to expand their business in the U.S. to be able to compete. If your company is ready to expand and you want to get your brand known to the world, we are here for you!

We can help your company succeed?

When companies use our service, they will gain a better reputation and benefit from being a registered U.S. Company.  It’s not only companies who work with us that know they will get superior customer service in return. Our customers will receive the following services:

  • Overseas companies can get their own private company address and staff that know their product.
  • Clients will get detailed information about our customer products from a trained customer service agent that will work on our customer’s behalf.
  • We help build your company’s creditability as a registered U.S. company.
  • We help repack and barcode every product if requested by our customer.
  • Returned items can be sent back to the customer or restocked.
  • ABS can issue refunds to the client’s customer for returned merchandise.
  • We have a call center that will work on the client’s behalf to answer any concerns 24/7
  • We do customs clearance documentation for our customers and arrange pickup of containers to our warehouse.
  • We can arrange truck delivery to any retailer distribution center or store.
  • We can represent customers at tradeshows.
  • Help customers with SEO and social marketing.
  • Help negotiate a deal on the customer’s behalf.
  • We help start-up businesses, from formulation, packaging design, and distribution to sales and marketing.

In order to become the best in the industry, we believe our customer is king. We strive to improve service levels and do our best to reduce costs. Our success is dependent on the success of our customers. Only long-term relationships with our customer will help us grow and enable us to offer the best services.

We believe that our fulfillment expertise together with the most advanced technology and best service will take us above our competitors. We never stop finding the best solutions to help our customer save costs and be able to compete within their own industry. Our goal is to help our customers succeed so we succeed!