We have the solution for you by using our E-Commerce Fulfillment Service. We work with partner factories from all over the world to ship out thousands of products for online retailers. The benefits include:

  • Online retailers don’t have to stock any products and get money tide up.
  • Manufacturer can have hundreds of retailer sell your product for you.
  • Online retailers can sell the product from the factories without paying for the product in advance. Once they sold the product then you ship the goods with money given to you before it ship out.
  • Online retailers and manufacture share the commission fee, so cost to both party is very minimal.
  • Online retailers can sell your products on any website or e-commerce platform, like Amazon or Ebay.

All you have to do is contact us and become our trading partner. We can help you find the right buyers that interested in your product. Just tell us the product that you want to sell. We will find a buyers that need your product and connect between the factory and the online retailer for business exchange. We will ship your product to your customer from our fulfillment center around the world. All you have to pay is freight and commission once the product is sold. This method will help you increase your cash-flow, and reduce shipping costs, reduce administrative expense and increase sales. Why wait with this great opportunity? Make money the right way.