Many overseas manufacturers and online retailers thinking that selling goods on amazon and Ebay will get them rich. It’s not true. First, you will have to understand that Amazon or eBay and any other E-commerce site does not promote your product. It just like opening a store without telling the customer what you are selling, no signage or any marketing. People will not know that you exist in the market Because you did not promote your product and service. People that looking for your product don’t even know your address or where your store located. It’s the same thing that you sell goods on Amazon and eBay. You will need to rank your product on the top page with a good keyword, so people can find your product. You will need to write content that will help explore your product and link it to your website and Amazon. It will take a lot of work and careful planning to SEO your product and write a lot of content to help boost your product to the top page of google.  Google needs to know you exist and crawl your page with good content.


You must remember one thing that online retailers that have a good review and low price will likely show up on the top page of Amazon and Ebay but only after constant SEO will they achieve that. You can also pay a very expensive price to rank up your page but that is extremely costly. Saving cost is the key here.  You will need a good digital marketing company that can help you boost your product through social media marketing and other digital marketing.


As I talk to many people in Asia that thinking of selling goods through Ebay and Amazon will get them big in the market, doesn’t work the way they think. Many influencers are giving the wrong information to people that are new to selling goods online by saying that they will help sell goods on Amazon and other online websites just by posting on the platform. This is completely FALSE.  Many people believe that by putting their products online will help them sell a large number of units and become rich overnight. This is also FALSE. There are many factors involve in helping push your product to become known to the public. If you want your product to sell more on amazon there will be a high fee that is being charged by amazon and some time is not worth it. You will need to boost up your product and website by organic and white hat method in other words you need to SEO your content and page to rank up.


Selling on Amazon and Ebay can be very successful if you can keep your price low with free shipping, but to do that is very difficult if you cannot buy in large quantities. Most sellers buy in small quantities which raises their selling cost. Many overseas online retailers that sell goods to the U.S. is facing high shipping cost and longer transit time. Overseas online retailer will need to use fulfillment centers like Absfulfillmentusa and a company like American Buying Service. which is a one-stop e-commerce service solution that can help the online retailer with fulfillment, marketing, procurement service, and customer service. They can help save you money and increase efficiency.


Overseas retailers will save more than 70% of shipping costs and reduce more than double of transit time. Overseas retailers will not only gain their company reputation but also give ensure and trust to the buyers that their goods are inventory in the U.S., and they are a registered U.S. company. The buyer will have more trust if the seller is able to accept return and give a better guarantee on their product. Overseas Online retailers will be able to compete with a domestic online retailer if they can fulfill the service with guarantee and lowest price. Overseas manufacturer and retailer can make millions by selling to Amazon and Ebay if using these methods and using I always say to have the tools and professional to back you up while you focus on your products

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